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Structural subdivisions, dealing with scientific research

§ The laboratory deals with the issues of increasing efficiency of state and municipal management

The laboratory provides conditions for conducting scientific research projects , preparing recommendations on how to implement best practices and methods into the work of government authorities .and local self-government bodies , supporting   relevant ways to improve the quality of state and municipal services.

Topics of the conducted research :

  • The issues of boosting local self-government efficiency in terms of current reforms and political processes in Russia;
  • National  security issues : regional level ;
  • Power, business , civil society : interaction models  ( domestic and foreign experience );
  • Elitology and development strategies of modern Russia.

§Innovation and technology centre 

The IT centre is mainly  focused on providing  expert and analytical , information and methodological , consulting and legal support for innovative projects  and programs in the area of electronic government  and boosting efficiency and quality of  state and municipal services .

Topics of the conducted research:

·      Boosting efficiency and streamlining the activities of multifunctional centers providing state and municipal services ; 

·      The development of  organizational  structures and optimization of  the authorities` staffing level;

·      Implementing game-based forms of learning ( gamification )into the educational process;

·      Designing virtual educational simulators of professional activity.  

§ Legal research centre

The work of the centre is aimed at researching the most topical issues of regional and all-Russian legal development ; preparing to publish scientific and reference literature , books , articles ; holding scientific conferences and symposiums .

Project Coordination Centre

The Project Coordination Centre makes sure the project office of the institute fulfills its functions, encourages  implementation and development of project activities. The Centre is focused on implementing scientific and research, consulting and educational projects , the development of business education is one of its main tasks as well.

The topics of the scientific and research projects completed by the Centre`s staff :

·         The development of social and economic growth strategies for  territories;

·         Carrying out various sociological studies , including the exit poll method used for electoral activity  assessment, monitoring sociological studies used to assess  social and political situation  ;

·         Developing comprehensive measures to boost the level of voters` ( referendum participants`) legal culture and training organizers of elections and referendums;

·         Conducting sociological studies to explore the dynamics of electoral activity ( the level of participation in social and political  life ; the efficiency of information impact produced in the process of informing about he procedures and electoral actions to boost  voters` involvement and legal culture ; exploring  different  electoral age-groups` motivation to take part  in election campaigns; elaborating recommendations to boost  the electoral activity of different voters` age-groups); 

Elaborating recommendations on work optimization for the local self-government authorities, including such areas, as “ Effective management of municipality : the  work of management teams”, “ Economical Management  in the municipal service  : management of professional achievements , discovering and implementing  personal potential”, etc


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