South-Russian Institute of Management of RANEPA (formerly SKAGS) is a leading scientific and educational center in the South of Russia for training, retraining and advanced training of personnel for the system of state and municipal administration, enterprises of the Southern and North Caucasus Federal districts.

Admission of students is carried out in areas of higher education undergraduate and graduate "State and municipal management", "Economy", "Management", "Political Science", "Law", in the field of higher education "Economic security", "Legal support of national security" and secondary vocational education "Economics and accounting (by sectors of industry)".

The number of scientific - teaching staff of Institute is more than 320 people, of whom 66 doctors of Sciences (professors), 177 candidates of Sciences (associate professors) and 35 scientific-pedagogical workers with the honorary title "Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation", "Honored lawyer of the Russian Federation", "Honored worker of higher school of the Russian Federation", "Honorary worker of higher professional education of Russia", etc. More than 3600 students study at the Institute.

Graduates of Institute: Rudoy Vasily Vladimirovich (Deputy Governor of Rostov region), Alexander Rezvanov (Minister of culture of Rostov region), Vladimir Nikolaevich Babin (Chairman of the Committee on youth policy of Rostov region), Potashov Sergey Valeryevich (construction Director of LLC "Construction-production company "Roststroykontrakt"), etc.

Positions in the rankings of educational institutions:

​ RANEPA is the leader of the rating of the best universities in Russia in terms of salaries of graduates (rated by Superjob company) and the rating of Russian business schools (2016), is among the five most popular universities in Russia (2016).

South-Russian Institute of Management of RANEPA takes the 2nd place in the rating of educational institutions of Rostov region in terms of "The Quality of educational activities and the number of teaching staff with scientific degrees" (2016).

Mission: Contributing to the successful development of the regions of the South of Russia through the development and promotion of highly qualified managerial personnel and expert support for reforms in the sphere of state and municipal management.

South-Russian Institute of Management of RANEPA has a large educational campus in the center of Rostov-on-don, acts as an organizer and venue for major youth forums, seminars for government, international, national and regional conferences (Symposium named after T. Zaslavskaya, forum "Rostov-a city of the future", conferences under the patronage of the F. Ebert Foundation, etc.)

Students of the Institute receive internal and external scholarships of: The President of the Russian Federation, the government of the Russian Federation, the Governor of the Rostov region, the trust Fund "Science and education", the company "British Petroleum", Yegor Gaidar Foundation, a scholarship of the RANEPA, academic and social scholarships. The monthly scholarship of the most active students reaches 35 000 rubles.

At the Institute within the cultural center "Orpheus", there are more than 18 creative teams, which are winners of many national and international competitions.

Students of the South-Russian Institute of Management have a unique creative, scientific and sports activities of the network of the Russian Academy of national economy and public administration (RANEPA), including: the Summer campus of the Presidential Academy(http://www.campus4youth.ru/), The championship on strategy management "The Business Battle (http://businessbattle.ru/)", Gaidar forum(http://gaidarforum.ru/), International program of student business projects "Enactus" (http://www.enactus-rus.ru/) , League of KVN of the Presidential Academy, The forum of the Student government of the Academy, Theatre festival "The Matrix", Russian student Olympics in Moscow, and Miss Presidential Academy, Christmas ball RANEPA (www.ranepa.ru) .

Cooperation with organizations and companies-employers: The government of the Rostov region;

Municipal administrations of the Rostov-city and Rostov region;

The Plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in Southern Federal district;

Office of the Russian interior Ministry in Rostov-on-don;

Courts (Federal, world, military, arbitration) ;

The Rostov region Prosecutor's office;

Southern transport Prosecutor's office;

Rostov region Office of the Russian Federal bailiffs service;

Rostov region Office of the Russian Federal Antimonopoly service;

The election Commission of Rostov region;

Rostov regional Office of Russian Federal tax service;

Chamber of Commerce and industry of Rostov region;

Association " Council of municipalities of Rostov region;

The Political Party "United Russia» ;

PJSC "Sberbank of Russia» ;

OJSC Commercial Bank "Center-invest» ;

PJSC "Rostvertol" etc.

South-Russian Institute of management Ranepa under this name has been working in the market of educational services since 2010, when the North Caucasian Academy of public administration, as well as other twelve academies that train public and municipal employees in the regions of Russia, became part of the Russian Presidental Academy of national economy and public administration.

Address (actual, with index): 344002, Russia, Rostov region, Rostov-on - don, Pushkinskaya str., 70/54.

The name and position of the head: Director Lokota Oleg Vladimirovich.

Telephone number of the organization: (863) 240-27-23

E-mail: director@uriu.ranepa.ru.

The admissions office phone number: (863) 240-22-02



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